Monday, August 5, 2013

World's first artificial Burger / meat

     The first artificial hamburger, grown entirely in a lab was cooked and eaten today in London by two food critics. Among those that helped finance and support the artificial meat project was Google co-founder Sergey Brin.
     The purpose of this artificial meat is to develop a lab-grown meat that can substitute natural meat to be more environmentally friendly than animal slaughterhouse. “We have a vision in our minds of pristine farms, couple of cows, couple of chickens, but that’s not actually how meat gets produced today,” he told The Guardian.
      This synthetic hamburger was created by Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University, the item cost £250,000 to make but they hope that in future can be massed produced. Hanni Ruetzler, one of the critics who tasted the burger, said: "It's close to meat, but it's not that juicy", at this moment the burger has no fat and that can affect the taste, experts said. 'Test-tube buger' video below :

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